Follow your passion, and success will follow you.

– Arthur Buddhold –


The above quote summarizes what life has taught me. To succeed, one must have passion behind what they work on; to enjoy your work is not enough. The success in my career has been found alongside my passions and I intend to practice this understanding as an entrepreneur.


Who is Terrence Jones?

Terrence Jones I am Terrence Jones. I am an entrepreneur,  a software engineer and a lover of all things food and drink.  I am currently living in Penang, Malaysia, searching for opportunities.  I’ve lived here in Malaysia for the last three years and I love it.

I am a software engineer. I’ve worked in the industry for the last twelve years since graduating from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Computer Science degree.  I’ve spent my career working for Agilent Technologies, the world’s leading Test and Measurement company.  Through that work I’ve seen the world, become an expert .NET and C# developer and have worked with cutting edge telecommunications technologies: GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, HPSA, LTE, WiMAX.  I have been an R&D engineer and I have worked directly with customers through sales and support.

I am a foodie. My life revolves around food and drink.  Where to eat today?  What’s for lunch?  These are the questions that wake with me in the morning.  When I travel, the sites can wait; let my stomach do the thinking.  Sure we’ll get around to Mona Lisa and her smile and of course we’ll toss some coins into the Trevi Fountain.  But my little secret…  life is all about getting hungry again for the next meal.

I drink wine. Or should I say tipple?  Quaff perhaps?  Perhaps.  I do love wine, red and white, sparkling and still.  It is to be a lifetime affair, infinite variation and vintage.  Never to grow tired, each bottle is a new adventure.  From the spicy Zins of California to the barnyards of Southern France.  I love it all.


What is Terenity?

Terenity is a website and a business.

The website, serves as the online representation of Terrence Jones. Here I will manage Terenity LLC, market the business and myself. I plan to host a technology blog as well as a food /wine blog and connect with likeminded individuals from around the globe.

The business, Terenity LLC, exists to serve my software consulting work.  I am targeting this business at the need within large multi-national companies for high-quality outsourced software solutions and consulting. Terenity LLC works intimately with existing engineering teams to contribute missing experience and skills.

The internet of today is Social Media, it is Web 2.0, is my presence.